The most inspired chef-curated experiences in your local food scene.

Branding / Logo / Web / UI / UX / Mobile / Print / Social media


I started working with EnjoyFresh as a freelancer to help them do a quick revamp of their foodie marketplace. What was suppose to be a short month long project turned into an amazing 2 year stint as Creative Director.

Since joining the team, I’ve helped guide EnjoyFresh through multiple UI/UX incarnations of their user-facing and business-facing sites and mobile apps. We’ve recently found our perfect market fit for local foodies and are on the verge of pushing out the latest mobile app.

Mobile interface and user experience

The third iteration of the EnjoyFresh user-facing mobile app. My role consisted of initial sketches, wireframing, user flow models, prototyping through to final designs and QA testing.

Branding and Logo

I chose a palette of earthy, savory colors. Including Thyme green, Mustard, Salmon and Chocolate shades.

The logo design culminated after a long process of sketching and testing various word and mark concepts over the course of a few months. The final concept communicates the hand made experience and the idea of elevated cuisine with a chef hand plating and placing the mint leaf garnish.

Print Work

My tasks

  • Logo design
  • Branding
  • Wireframing and prototyping (web and mobile)
  • Responsive website design and code spec
  • Graphic and print design
  • User side / Business side / Admin Interface design (web and mobile)
  • Cross platform / device testing
  • Photography curation, optimization and editing
  • Marketing collateral design
  • Ad and social asset design