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I joined Two2Twelve themes as lead designer / co-founder in 2010, where I have been designing and maintaining the front-end and back-end UI/UX for a large catalog of premium WordPress themes.

Using Agile methodology and practices, I lead our design and remote dev team to take web products from inception to market. To date, we’ve released over 20 top-selling WordPress themes worth over $400k in sales.

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Workout Theme

Workout is designed exclusively with the fitness and Crossfit community in mind. Allowing gyms and fitness professionals to display important information such as WODs, coaches, programs and even sell apparel.

The Challenge

Creating a theme for the fitness market was an interesting undertaking. Our developer Ryan had been an avid Crossfitter for years and helped inform us about the needs of both the provider and user sides of the market. He interviewed a number of Crossfit gym owners to get their take on challenges they faced and talked to his cohorts about what they need and look for in a gym. With this data, we designed the first iteration of Workout theme and started to test and get feedback from the fitness community. Many updates and re-releases later we finally struck the perfect balance.

Chroma Theme

Chroma is a responsive, retina-ready, photography and multi-purpose WordPress theme.

The Challenge

At the time we started designing this theme, I was developing the websites for 2 of my photographer friends and realized that while the market for photography themes was saturated it was lacking any real way for photographer to difference their work. “If pictures are worth a thousand words” I thought, “what separates one golden red sunset over a sandy beach from another?” We’ll it’s what those thousand words say to the person that’s viewing it. So when I started creating Chroma my purpose was to give the photographer better tools to tell their visual story (such as face-detection), and to give the viewer delightful interactive treats, such as this, to allow them to engage with the works in a substantial way.

FluidApp Theme

FluidApp is a sleek, responsive WordPress theme for Mobile, iPad and Tablet apps.

My role:

It’s not even really about whether or not you’ve built an iPhone app anymore, it’s more like how many. Seems like everyone is in on the action and the need for a simple, flexible theme to showcase these creations proved itself when we released FluidApp.

App developers all seemed to have multiple apps and needed to display basically the same info. A truly temptable thing that wasn’t really being done in a simple and accessible way. So we tested a bunch of different layouts and ultimately went with a simple one-page theme that is static on the left and Ajax page reloads the content on the right. To make it even easier I designed a custom slider for the devices so that all the dev needs to do is upload a screenshot and the theme does the rest.

Advocate Theme

Advocate is a responsive WordPress theme ideal for nonprofits, charities, activists and political campaigns.

The Challenge

Non-profits are a huge industry, they are the unsung heros and driving force behind so much of what affects us everyday – from political campaigns to animal shelters. We realized that the marketplaces we sold through were greatly lacking anything of quality in this department. So, after doing lots of research and running through user personas for different types of advocacies, I created Advocate to provide all of the non-profits specific needs such as easy-link Paypal donation buttons and calendar of events.

My Role

  • Wireframe and prototyping
  • Research and persona exercises
  • Theme and user admin Design
  • UI and UX design
  • Code spec
  • Projet management
  • Demo design and building
  • Photography and curation
  • QA and cross-browser/platform testing
  • Documentation and tutorials creation
  • Customer support
  • Github bug reporting, update branching and new feature development