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Branding / Web design / WordPress integration / Print collateral / Social media asset design


I was initially approached by Ship to do a complete design overhaul of their existing marketing website. Their current site was hooked into their rails app product and they needed to separate the two and adopt a more user friendly platform so that they could easily update and maintain the site without getting the rails devs involved.

As a newly minted startup, they also lacked continuity and consistency in their brand and marketing efforts and needed ad collateral for the upcoming conference season. The trickiest part? We had 2 weeks to do it…


Clean, sans serif font type with a neutral and approachable feel that’s optimized for viewing across various (even teeny tiny) devices.


Color palette is contrasting and bright and the greys have been tinted with Ship’s official teal

Print Work

My tasks

  • Brand guideline creation
  • Global element and typography settings
  • Page layout design and WordPress integration
  • Custom graphic and icon design
  • Photography curation, optimization and editing
  • WordPress plugin installation, configuration and framework customization
  • Responsive testing
  • Marketing collateral design
  • Ad and social asset design